Afternoon MW3

3:58pm, July 4th- This may be the worst 4th of July I ever had. Seems like holidays are getting worse and worse for me. I just was playing some Search & Destroy for the last 90 min. Its weird to play solo but i actually get more kills on my own and pissing off the people is funny.

Trolling is fun

2:37pm, July 4th- Hahahha I love trolling yahoo answers.. I got to keep making new accounts because they get suspended. Its hilarious especially when they believe my story that’s so ridiculous 

Juy 4th, 1:23pm- I was just about to go to bed and I went on this site that tracks who unfollows you and someone I like a lot unfollowed me.. wtf I hate that! You think someone is your friend and they unfollow you.. And I ask them why they unfollowed me.. “You unfollowed me first dummy” ummm no I didnt jerk.. then “You dont post enough”, ok last time I checked I have like 3 times more pictures than you.. then she says that its just instagram and she doesnt follow some of her friends. Stfu . you stuck up bitch. Its just gets under my skin that im not good enough for them to follow me. Thats One reason I hate instagram.

Anyways it hurt me, and I was deleted a lot of my shitty pics and blocking spammers. I went to bed around 5am and awoke at 12:30. I just been being lazy again, I took a shower and I had some lunch. Oh yea heres another thing. My little cousin unfriended me and all the family except her mom. Wow thats really rude. It seems like my family is not very close to me. Everyone seems stuck up and not very loving.. probably the majority of my family is like that. Hate that!

2:58am, July 4th- Today’s update. Finished 2nd story of my house. Expanded more of farms.. Really not too much ahaha but I like showing updates of my progress.

Playing one of my old xbox 360 faves

Easy shift, My crush, laziness, nap, and the future..!

9:16pm, July 3rd- Today I have not posted much huh? I guess I will use this post to some up what happened in my day.

I had about 4 hours of sleep. I headed to work at 7:45am… My shift was very easy because the first 2 hours of opening is always easy, not much to do.. then I went to gas for 90 minutes. I followed my crush on instagram finally! I figured we are pretty good friends, and why shouldnt I? I liked a lot of her pics and complimented one of her pics. I know its a risky move because she has a boyfriend but oh well. She followed me back and surprisingly liked a lot of my pics :) Some of her pics are so damn sexy and cute. Then I took my break, and they had nachos in the breakroom! yay! And then after I worked for like 10 minutes and went home haha. Jose was like “You had the easiest shift” Im glad though because after I left, it got crazy busy.

Then I went home, relaxed for a little bit and I decided to take a nap till 5:30 because I was so tired. Then I ate… we had some zuchinni which was grown from my garden. It tasted pretty good! I pretty much messed around on the computer and watched sports. Then I went to the backyard, my mom already had watered but she doesnt do the best job at watering. I mainly was working in my veggie garden. I trimmed some plants and sprayed this stuff they prevents mildew on the leaves. I added a few support drip lines to my zucchini to help let the roots grow out more. Anyways I did a little bit of work. The one strawberry plant I had got a month ago is doing really good in terms of growth, theres a ton of runners, so those are more strawberry plants for me for free. 

Now I am in my room, ready to do something else productive. Squidpumper will not be on tonight so most likely I wont play MW3. I dont work tmmrw for the 4th so thats good. It should be a productive night since also I had a nice nap. I need to start making progress and keeping track. I have a lot of things I want to do.. so now im off to see what I can do tonight! :D

Why am I so lazy when I get home?

8:15pm, July 2nd- More laziness. Like everytime I get home from work, I sink into my desk chair and relax lol  I watched the rest of the Angel game and watch sports center and internet surf. Anyways I am working on cleaning my room and gonna play some MW3. I have to work at 8am :P

7:30pm, July 2nd- I had watered outside my plants.. I got a new zuchinni grown. My tree garden is doing well now that its more moist, there’s other sprouts emerging I don’t know if its the ones I want. I haven’t had enough time to work on the yard.

Work was really crowded because of 4th of July coming up and the coupon books. The air was very cool and relaxing though. Both Andrew and Juan acted like they were in a bad mood though to me. I was talking about the NBA rumors and trades with people. Favorite part of my shift was talking to my favorite girl.. too bad she is taken .. she’s so nice to me and adorable. She even went out of her way to go walk with me and talk as I was walking out. She had different hair today, it looked cute! Here’s the nice sunset sky

Caught up on Sleep

1:30pm, July 2nd-  I decided to sleep in and get back all my lost sleep, I almost slept for 12 hours. For the last hour, I been internet surfing and watching sportscenter. They keep talking about Dwight.. Dwight… Dwight omg lol. Um Yea I need some time to wake up. I am going to take a shower next because I have work at 4. 

Xbox friends and sleep

2:00am, July 2nd- Spent a lot of time just doing nothing lol. I think its just because im still so tired. I need sleep. Um I just been working on a list of all my friends and I want to try to play with everyone but I want to delete the people who I think wont ever barely play with me so I have room for some new friends and so I can have friends to play on other games.